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With effect from week commencing 5th February 2024, our fee structure will change across all our Quoforma+ products.

All policies (at new business and renewal) will be subject to a policy fee of £30 per annum. We will also be removing the current mid-term adjustment (MTA) and cancellation fees we charge. A customer wishing to make a policy change or cancel a policy will no longer be charged a fee by Assurant.

As a distributor of Assurant products, your current commission levels will remain unchanged and you will continue to receive the same % level of remuneration on policies you advise on or refer to us for both new business and renewals.

In terms of customer premiums, we see this as a positive on the whole. To give an example a typical customer paying an average premium of £350 today will pay a total of £341.11 from going forward.

Please note that no additional policy fee will be charged for any add-on products the customer selects e.g. Legal Expenses, Home emergency or Rent Guarantee.


  • Are all my customers quotes going to increase?
    • No, premiums will be impacted both positively and negatively. Higher premiums will see a reduction in cost to the customer as the commission being reduced outweighs the new £30 fee and therefore their price will reduce, however the lowest of premiums will go up, this is because the commission values were very low and therefore the £30 is greater that the commission reduction.

  • Will my client pay multiple fees if they have additional products such as Legal or Home Emergency?
    • No, the fee for either New Business or Renewal is a single fee of £30 to cover everything included in that policy.

  • What happens on quotes I’ve already saved?
    • Any quotes that have already been saved can be processed ‘as is’ on the existing commission set up. However, if that risk is to be re-quoted at all after the change date, it will change to the new structure and this will likely cause a small change in premium.

  • Does the £30 fee include costs where the customer chooses to pay monthly?
    • The fee does not cover the Retail Premium Finance costs of paying monthly. If a customer is looking to pay monthly this will still be subject to our Retail Premium Finance interest which is 7.5% of the amount borrowed. This remains unchanged.

  • When does this change affect upcoming policy renewals?
    • All renewals with an effective date of the 1st March will be inclusive of the new fee structure.

  • Will I earn the same % commission on a sale?
    • The commission % you have agreed for your agency with Assurant remains unchanged with this re-structure. This is also the case if you refer your business to our Gold Service for quoting.