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On the 14th March 2022, the new European Payment Services Directive (PDS2) became mandatory in the UK.

The PDS2 regulations have been introduced to make payments safer, increase consumer protection, and promote innovation and competition. Using SCA increases the security of electronic transactions and will be required for most payments within the UK and Europe.

As part of this regulation requires stronger customer authentication, we had to stop the online payment option for customers who choose to pay the policy premium by credit or debit card as we made changes to the Quoforma+ quote journey. 

This has now been completed and customers now have the online payment option if they choose to pay the policy premium by credit or debit card.

This does now give a different experience when completing the card payment information pages.

The information and screen shots below will give you some insight as to what you can expect:

Card Payment

You will be required to fill in the full name of the customer as shown on their credit or debit card.

With the first release, you will also be required to complete the customer’s phone number.

In the near future, this will be pulled through from the information previously input into the system.

We appreciate there will not be any shipping involved but you will need to tick the shipping address box (the payment portal providers are working on a version where this will not be requested).

NB: If your system gives the option of AUTO FILL, take care you do not use this as it could overwrite the customer information with incorrect details previously stored. 

A payment is only confirmed as successful when you have been given a confirmation and the option to download the policy schedule information.

If the system experiences an issue with payment you should now see the warning box below appear.

This gives you or your customer the option to try the card payment again or to go back to the Payment section within Quoforma+ and select a different payment option or within working hours, you can contact the Sales Support team to assist you.

NB: Due to these new regulations, the customers bank may require additional authorisation of any payment being made before payment is processed.

If this happens and the customer is not with you, please call our Policy Team on 03332 000 777 and we can give you further assistance to progress and process through.

If you have any additional queries or need to speak to us, please contact the Sales Support Team.

Tel: 03332 000 444
Email: advisers@assurant.com